Bucky tries to get Steve with song lyrics again, only this time, Steve is very prepared. (sort of sequel to this

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You made me believe nothing’s inevitable
— Tony and Ziva Six Word Stories
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Tony & Ziva || In the Zone /Engaged p2 (working in a war zone)

requested by Jae

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oh man i need to find people who watch dallas.

how exactly does one find people in an obscure fandom.

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30 day tiva challenge [30/30]

The night's just getting started, my little hairy butt.
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lots of people think the ice bucket water challenge thingymagij is dumb

but it’s raising awareness and even the people who run ALS organizations have said that while the money is nice it’s the awareness that is truly invaluable. So you can bitch but you’re being dumb, tbh.

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